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Macbook PRO and Signalink USB Digital modes

Hi operators

Today, I tried some DigiModes with my Yaesu FT-817nd, Macbook PRO and Signalink USB. In my video and my blog, I describe a little short how to connect the hardware. Will make a video as well as a description later on how to configure the program I’m using.

Signalink USB

From the Outputs in Signalink USB
3.5mm stereo/mono cable from SPKR to SP in radio
Cable from RADIO output to DATA into the radio
USB cable from USB to computer USB socket

In the video, you also see that I turn the TX switch on my Signalink USB and this to set the ALC in the radio. The best thing is if in this case on my Yaesu FT-817nd is between 1 to 2 bars. Otherwise, the data signal may be overmodulated and not decodable. The TX switch I turn on when it transmits data.

The program I use FLdigi:

Antenna I use / CHA Hybrid Micro:

Sound modem / Signalink USB:


Questions or Tips? Comment below.


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