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Hello operators!

Disturbances? Like many others, there are problems with home interference when using the radio on short wave. I live in the city of a little larger city, basically, can not use the shortwave because of all the disturbances. Many of my disturbances can be solved by just breaking the power, but there is so much outside in my surroundings that interferes.

Neighbors, street lighting, shopping malls plus much more. I have had a few QSOs on SSB when the propagation have been good and other stations have been strong so they have overthrown my QRM. Shows some issues in a short video on my own two biggest disturbing sources. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEO

What has worked best is CW, PSK31 and other digimodes, tested a variety of antennas both outside with wires, vertical antennas and inside the apartment with loops. The loop is probably the one that removes the most disturbances of these antennas that I’ve tried at the moment.

So the question is? What end to start in addition to its own electrical equipment at home. Sometimes it’s just be good to going out of the middle of the park and being QRP.

I use a single AM receiver on short wave when I peel off my nearby disturbances. Works really well but in my case I have so much outside the home so it can be difficult to find all sources.

If you have tips and ideas, please comment




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